Why Backpacker Treks

No doubt there are plenty of travel and tourism related agencies and companies in Nepal that operate their services from Kathmandu, the Capital city, and other major cities. Amongst these various companies, Backpacker Treks and Expedition Private Limited has established itself as a leading tourism agency in Nepal by virtue of a team of experienced men who have considerable experience in the field and also because of the quality service it provides to its clients in a surprisingly cheap and affordable price. If you choose our company for your trekking and tour ambitions in Nepal, we assure and pledge that you will not be disappointed for we make sure we provide the right services to the right and deserving clients. Hence, some of the strongest reasons as to why you should be travelling with us are the cheap and affordable price, quality service, a bunch of experienced team and heartwarming hospitality.

Tour planner

As discussed and mentioned earlier, we have a team of very experienced men who have completed their academic degrees in the field of travel and tourism. Both our Chairman Suresh Simkhada and Managing Director Rajesh Simkhada have completed their academic degrees in travel and tourism, and hence there will not be any problem for planning the tours and making them comprehensive. Our team members will plan and customize the travel itineraries based on the convenience of our clients.

How to book?

Booking itineraries from our company is quite easy and straightforward. You can simply visit our site and book the itineraries, which you prefer, online. Otherwise, if you are in Nepal itself, you can simply visit our office in Thamel sohrakhutte and then book the itineraries by discussing with our management team. Once you book the itinerary from our company, the responsibility then falls on us to provide you with the quality service that will leave you all satisfied.

Social foundation

Being a travel and tourism agency in Nepal, we do not just provide the services to our domestic and international clients and travelers, but at the same time we are also aware about our social responsibilities. In that regard, our first priority is to satisfy our clients with quality services so that they enjoy the itineraries on the tour and learn well about Nepal and its people. Hence, we are also aware about our social responsibility as respectable and aware citizens. Social foundation is hence one of the main and key components of Nepal Walking Team Private Limited. Fulfilling our social responsibility also gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction which provides us with greater motivation to keep doing better in the field.

Porters and staff

We have a very experienced team comprising of people who have worked in the field of travel and tourism for the past several years. The core team of overall management consists of Chairman and the Managing Director. All the decisions that need to be taken by the company will be taken by them. Besides the Chairman and Managing Director, we have other multiple staffs who look after several respective responsibilities. We have different people to look after the matters related to accounts, finance, administrative, human resource and other departments and sections. All of them boast of considerable experience in the field of travel and tourism and bring in a lot of energy and innovation in carrying out the designed and respective tasks.

Environment responsible

We are certainly aware of the adverse effects of unplanned tourism activities on our environment and surroundings. There have been incidents and news reports of our Himalayan Mountain region getting polluted because of increasing pollution in the region. Most of the pollution in the region arises from the materials and used-over things thrown recklessly by the trekkers in the mountains. That has very adverse effect on the state of our sacred mountains and also on their beauty. Hence, we plan and execute our itinerary keeping in view the importance of environment and the surroundings. We and our travel team will make sure that nobody on the tour entourage throws any stuff on the mountains and the trail carelessly. Being able to do this will surely help in the longer run to keep our mountains and our environment clean. Hence, we are quite aware of our environmental responsibility and we vow to keep our environment clean in whatever ways we can.