FAQS - Most Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 » Is it possible to book the itineraries and tour packages online?

Of course! It is possible to book the itineraries online which you can do simply by logging on to our website and then book the desired itinerary as per your interest.

Q.2 » Is the cost of Backpacker Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd affordable and cheap?

Yes, the services provided by our company are rather cheap and very much affordable. They are cheaper in comparison to the quality of service we provide and also in comparison to the amount charged by some other travel companies.

Q.3 » Does Backpacker Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd has a team of experienced people?

Backpacker Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd boasts of a team that has lots of experience in the field of travel and tourism. Most of our employees and team members have been involved in the field with several agencies in the past for almost a decade. Hence, experience won’t be a problem if you get involved with our company and avail our services.

Q.4 » Where is Nepal situated?

Nepal is a small Himalayan country located in South Asia in between two giant neighboring nations Indian and China. Though Nepal is a small country geographically, it is rich when it comes to natural beauty and cultural diversity.

Q.5 » Is Nepal a good country for trekking?

Nepal is one of the best destinations for trekking for tourists from across the globe. Some of the itineraries like Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek are world famous and many tourists and trekkers visit Nepal solely to trek along these trails.

Q.6 » Are there short itineraries available for trekking in Nepal?

Indeed, some of the itineraries developed by the team of Walking Nepal Pvt. Ltd. are very short but equally exciting and adventurous. Such itineraries are especially helpful for the ones who do not have enough time to spend in Nepal, but who still want to explore Nepal in the short span of time.

Q.7 » Is Nepal a good destination for adventure sports?

Besides trekking and expedition, Nepal is also an excellent destination for adventure sports like Bunjee Jumping, Paragliding, Rafting, among others. Many foreigners have been attracted to adventure sports of late as they want to indulge themselves in the sport and enjoy their holiday time.

Q.8 » What is tea house trekking? How is it organized ?

Tea House Trekking means for your accommodation you will stay in the lodges operated by the locals where you will get twin sharing rooms, hot shower, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from this you can also interact with the local owners regarding their business, culture and traditions.

Q.9 » What equipments should I bring ?

You should bring your personal wear like walking boots and sand shoes, sandal, a water-and wind-proof jacket, woolen shirts, T-shirts, a thick pullover, shorts/skirts and trousers/track suits. Thermal underwear is necessary for high altitudes and cottons are best for lower and warmer altitudes. Also don't forget a water bottle, sleeping bag, gloves, walking stick, knife and sewing kit, torch light with spare batteries, extra boot laces, sun glasses, sun cream, rain coat and personal medical supplies. Bring a duffel bag to put your clothing and equipments in. We provide you porter to carry your kit bag.

Q.10 » How long do we trek per day and how high ?

Up to a maximum of 5-7 hours a day with lunch breaks along the trail. The maximum altitude is depends upon which trek you are going. In Nepal normally the maximum altitude of most of the trekking falls between 3500m to 5000m.

Q.11 » What happens in the event of an emergency ?

Generally, such emergency situations might not occur and if it occurs you have to be rescued from helicopter which is very costly. So, you are advised to do travel insurance covering your helicopter rescue before going for trekking.

Q.12 » What about payment, do you need a deposit ?

To conform your tour package according to the rule of our company, to confirm any trip you have to pay us 30% of total package as advance. We charge 20% just to pay for confirming your domestic flight, hotel booking and making necessary documents. The remaining 70% amount you should pay us after you arrive in Kathmandu.

Q.13 » Is this trip safe? Are there any dangers in the trip ?

Nepal is absolutely safe country to travel. Our staffs do take every precaution to ensure the comfort and safety of the trekkers. Before 2006 when Maoist movement was going on, there was a kind of fear in few trekking destinations. But today they have also come to peaceful political stream. So there is no more any fear.