Company Profile

The young mind and young soul are the purest blend of enthusiasm and creativity. The ever young yet experienced group of guided trekking in Nepal team of Backpacker would enthrall and compel you to love the very beauty of Mother Nature. The travelling should be fun and it should be memory to be told for the generations to come. Trekking in Nepal merely should not be focused on Everest, Annapurna and Langtang trekking rather the world renowned hospitality of Nepalese people should be felt. The young group of Backpacker ensures that the human bond be established while you travel in Nepal. We bet you that while returning back to your home country you will take back the sweet memories of friendship and the fun we did during the tour. Backpacker has the loyal patrons in 25 different countries with more than business relationship proves that we not only make you travel rather we let you get repose from the hassles of your work back home and get re-vitalize your creativity.

Our Team

Suresh Simkhada (Chairman)

Mr. Simkhada has been working in the Tourism field for more than one decade. He is renowned in the field of Nepalese Tourism Industry as a young, vibrant and innovative Tourism Entrepreneur. He has trekked to various destinations of Nepal viz. Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Manaslu, Upper Mustang, Dhaulagiri, Tibet, Bhutan and many exotic trekking and tour destinations. Mr. Simkhada’s main philosophy towards working in the tourism field is to make trek & tour a memory. He believes that once the guests return home after trekking or tour the slight smile should appear while recalling the journey memory.

Off the beat, Mr. Simkhada is equally talented person in the field of literature. He has written numerous Nepalese contemporary and folk songs. His songs are very emotional, witty, logical and heart touching. His working style is very amicable, genuine and dedicated. Backpacker Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is extremely lucky to have such a dynamic person as a Chairperson. The tourism journey since 2005 till now, the vibrant young tourism entrepreneur, authentic local experience and 11 years of trekking and hiking with exquisite Nepalese hospitality as well as integrity makes Mr. Simkhada the perfect travelling companion.

Rajesh Simkhada (Ganesh) (Managing Director)

Ganesh is the most popular guy on the trekking circuit of Nepal. His immense quality in effective communication verbally and non-verbally is very famous among the trekkers and visitors coming to Nepal. The list of his friends across the globe and a number of splendid praising reviews he gets from his clients prove his mettle in conducting the trekking in Nepal. The tall lanky yet stout guy resembles that of Nepali and Bollywood actor. He is known as dark handsome among his colleagues. This experienced field person is equally good in office management. The administrative and field expert attribute of Mr. Ganesh makes him Mr. All-rounder. He had been to Thailand, India, Bhutan, Taiwan, China and Singapore for an accumulation of the Touristic activities while he has trekked all the major and minor trekking destinations of Nepal. Backpacker Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to have him as company Managing Director.

Hari Adhikari (Field Director)

Charming, Friendly, Soft Spoken and Well Mannered are the qualities of Mr. Adhikari. He has been working in Tourism field for more than a decade. He speaks less but performs more. He is popular in the tourism circuit of Nepal as the best logistics and field manager. His countless journey to the Himalayas and experience in the field of tour and trek management have made him the strong pillar of the Backpacker Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. The ever willing person to serve the guest in the field taking care of their tiny details also gave him the title of Service Man. This quite man always stands out of the box and performs his duties to the fullest. He believes in action. Backpacker Team is lucky to have him as a Field Director.

Resham Batala (Administrative Director)

Mr. Batala and his qualities ridicule his age. This young guy performs in matured and prolific manner on par with the more experienced compatriots. He has been working in the field of Tourism for more than 8 years. Overcoming the odds and performing the best are his peculiar qualities. He is from the Mid-Western region of Nepal where the main occupation and business is government service as well as Yarsagumba (Himalayan herb) business but Mr. Batala defying all the odds chose Tourism Entrepreneur as his career. The reviews he gets in the field as being the cutest and sweetest proves that Mr. Batala is everyone’s favorite. He hardly gets pissed off during the pressure situation also rather dedicate relentlessly to solve problems to give impeccable service to the guests. He is also responsible for the account and financial transactions of the company. This young charming and energetic member of Backpacker Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. has brought zealot and enthusiasm in the company.

Sagar Pandey (Chinese Trekking Guide )

Working since beginning with our organization, Mr. Sagar Pandey is dedicated to sharing his experience with clients. With a broad information of the Himalayas and each trekking course, he ensures that your vacation is proficient and charming. He is an authorized trekking guide and is one of the best leaders in the tourism business. His recognition with the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Dolpo, Upper Mustang, Narphu Valley, Ganesh Himal and other new courses, makes it a significant affair to trek with him. His obliging is an expansion to his travel attempt. He invests exertion and energy into each trek and shares his insight to form a great occasion for every one of our customers. Mr. Pandey is widely popular among our Chinese clients as he is well versed in the language.

Kumar Simkhada(Trekking Guide)

If you are looking for the guide who lets you flow with the wilderness adventure and covers your back in mitigating the hurdles then Mr. Kumar is the perfect personnel. This guy is hired by Backpacker Treks Company for his amazing experience in the field. This local expert takes you to the unique land with his presentation and the same views look different upon his explanation. He has this unique passion towards theatre plays as well and known as young aspiring upcoming theatre & movie artist of Nepal. He brings the dramatic presence and excellent sense of humour on the trip organised by Backpacker Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Devendra Bohora(Trekking Guide)

Born on Manaslu Region, has started working as Assistance guide. he is very energetic trekking guide working with us since 2000 Medical trained experienced government licensed holder of Trek have been to almost all the trekking routes in Nepal He is Good for his patience and hospitality.

Ratan R.C(Trekking Guide)

R.C came from Middle Western of Kingdom of Nepal.This local guy of the Backpacker team is renowned for his exquisite hospitality and soft-spoken quality. This well-mannered guy always keeps his work towards guest before his personal interests. There are countless incidents where Mr. Ratan has guided the team towards the successful and faultless adventure.